Of Life, the Universe and ShiftCo

As a woman, mother, psychologist, changing professional hats during various stages in life, it has been a challenge to answer the question "what do you do"? I am not alone in baulking at this question, as there are numerous women, who have made interesting and unconventional work and life choices, either due to necessity or personal choice, often express a dread at describing their multiple careers, often feeling societal pressure to conform to a single work trajectory.

We know on a daily basis, that people with conventional, single directional careers, have often been associated with having a "focus" or "single-minded purpose", ignoring the multi-level skills, the richness and breadth of experience brought by those who pursue multiple careers. Luke Johnson, although citing mostly male examples, describes those with multiple careers aptly as "human whirlwinds" and thats how we ought to see ourselves.

So, when two young dynamic entrepreneurs, invited me to talk to them about my work and life, the conversation had to meander, dipping into a range of topics that were both personal and political and emerging into a stream of thought that had to be continued, another time.

You can listen here to my conversation with Gagan & Vatsala of Globalise-Asian.

Vatsala and Gagan at Globalise-Asian

Vatsala and Gagan at Globalise-Asian

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