Shuba Rao - Director

Organisational development and people insight

Shuba has a range of experience in management, fund raising and operations in start-ups, public sector and charitable organisations in U.K, India and U.S.A. She has a deep understanding of people and how they intersect with organisations and society, and  a unique perspective in understanding the dynamics of an organisation and its sub systems. Passionate about social change, education and creativity (expressed through food), Shuba sees social progress through meaningful dialogue. For a look at her professional history, see her LinkedIn profile.

Mary Lee Bray - Adviser

Financial CONTROL & Strategic Implementation

An international finance executive, Mary Lee has led teams in China, EMEA and USA on financial strategy and implementation. As a senior board executive, she has led business transformations of large multinational companies globally. Mary has taken a step back from corporate life and offers time to support and advise small organisations in optimising their resources. For details see her LinkedIn profile.


branding design, Digital Content creation, photography

Art Director, photographer and designer, Vipul is the Director of Raindesign, an art and design company founded on 30 years of global imagery and concept design. He is known in the art world for his photographic wizardry and for his work with reknowned artists, dancers, actors and musicians producing audio visual films, photographing private art collections, designing books, producing online content and capturing the fleeting essence of dance and music. Vipul bases himself from London when not photographing people or performances in remote parts of India.

Sashank Rao - Adviser

Education and non Governmental organisations

With an MBA from the IIM, Bengaluru, India, Sashank prefers using his expertise to work with NGO's promoting education in rural areas. A former Azim Premji Foundation consultant, Sashank is happier on a train that takes him through the foothills of the Himalayas than at a desk. His unique travelogue is anticipated in 2018.

Sandra davidson - Adviser

Fundraising and Grants

Sandra brings an in-depth knowledge of fund raising and grant applications both in the not for profit and social enterprise sectors. With several years of experience working in a large grant making organisation, Sandra has worked directly with a wide range of charities, CIO's and Social Enterprises in and around London. A champion of healthy eating and physical exercise, Sandra is at ease running10k and putting herself through greuling challenges for a variety of social causes. 

 Patrik Dibdiak - Adviser


A technology executive, Patrik loves challenges-both physical and intellectual. Always open to new ideas and supporter of independent thought, Patrik excels at technology infrastructure and operations. He has a wealth of experience working for start-up's and large enterprise organisations, in UK and USA. A keen cyclist and mindfulness proponent, for information about his professional history, see his LinkedIn profile.